Maybe you need to rebalance your nervous system, process a shock or a trauma, reduce chronic pain or, more simply, slow down your mind and enable clear thinking once more.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST), the form of “cranio” that I practice, combines science and spirituality into a holistic healing therapy, and is just what you need.

What is Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy?
Will I like it?

Yes, I think you will. It’s a time to relax and allow yourself to float into the calm and peaceful space I’ve created for you. 

Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy is a non-talk therapy that uses light touch and your own energy to bring about equilibrium. This balanced state brings you optimal physical health and mind-set

What would it be like for you if you slowed down your thinking mind, felt happier, reduced pain in your body, or felt more balanced

BCST can greatly improve your quality of life and help you heal. It can also help manage chronic illness, depression, or anxiety. It’s a complementary therapy that can be used with conventional medicine and other alternative therapies. I have helped hundreds of people feel better with this gentle, non-invasive therapy. You will be amazed at its impact on those physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual troubles that you can’t shed. 

How your session will work

It will last about 50 minutes. You will feel safe and comfortable. You will move closer to your inner wisdom and to your natural tendency towards healing. 

I start by guiding you to leave your worries and your to-do list outside, so you can be can be completely present. We might talk about where in your body you require healing. You may immediately begin to feel a sense of calmness within you.

  • Next, you will lay on the massage bed covered with blankets. I will cover your eyes so you can become focused within yourself.
You will enter deep relaxation through a very easy and calming guided meditation and breathing exercise.
  • Then, the craniosacral therapy begins. With gentle touch on your head, your ankles, and the abdomen I help guide you gently start healing your pain or trauma.
  • You will experience very deep relaxation during this session along with a strong sense of energy flowing through your body, gathering intensity in some areas. This will feel very good, and in some cases, small aches and pains will be soothed away. 
  • Some people feel very hot during their session and need to have the blankets removed. Others are very cold. Some enter a sleep-like state or have dream-like experiences. Everyone achieves a deep and immensely satisfying level of relaxation.

Some examples of what cranio can help you recover from

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