I help people feel better. I have a natural ability to listen and strong instincts for where pain and trauma are coming from.

Why I Can Help You

You are in Bahrain looking for a therapist or alternative health practitioner who immediately inspires your confidence; someone who makes you feel safe, understood, and heard

You would like to understand and end your suffering. Perhaps you would like to explore your purpose and find a way to fully show up in your life. You definitely want to achieve the ability to be able dependent on your own inner strength

You’d like to see results quickly. You are ready to invest in yourself.

I have helped hundreds of clients feel better, stronger, more solid and more sure of their purpose, using alternative therapies. 

I am naturally attuned to and in touch with people’s energy and emotions. I enable your natural tendency for equilibrium and harmony in a completely judgement-free zone. My training has given me the ability to guide you to significantly progress on your healing journey.

My goal is to help my clients become free spirits in their own way.

For over 15 years I have been working with clients in Bahrain, helping them to ride with the challenges and the gifts that life gives us.

Here's what I will do for you:

Professional history

I am a UK qualified and registered psychotherapist (2019 – Masters in psychotherapy from Middlesex University in the UK, 2020 – completion of 400 hours of supervised therapy) and UK registered Craniosacral therapist (2011) and licensed to practice in Bahrain (2015). I am also a Reiki Master (2006). 

My first calling was to teach mathematics at the University of Bahrain and I have a Masters of Applied Mathematics from the California State University – East Bay. That was a long time ago, and it goes to show how much we can shift our lives when we can explore our purpose and listen to our inner voices.  

I am Bahraini. I love my country. And, I  understand it and its unique influence on us. I also understand the influence that my years abroad have had on me. My feet are firmly grounded in Bahrain while my heart is drawn to cultures and people from all over.

15 years ago I followed my intuition and a strong desire to connect with people. The strong pull to connect with clients on a new level has never left me, nor has the feeling that they want to connect with me. 

This is why I have spent the past 4 years studying and training to become a psychotherapist: because I can and do provide insights for clients to access themselves on a level that they want to get to, but are afraid to but feel they can’t do on their own



I am naturally attuned to people’s emotions. I have an innate understanding of what they’re experiencing. This will enable you feel safe and comfortable with me and to fully explore your deepest concerns and suffering without fear of judgement.

Craniosacral Therapy

This non-talking, light touch therapy works with your nervous system.
It will facilitate your natural tendency for equilibrium and wellbeing, process trauma, reduce chronic pain, and access deep relaxation.

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