What to expect

what should I expect during my session?

You may

• relax deeply that you may feel either that you’ve fallen asleep or entered a quiet meditation-like state.

• sense physical sensations such as tingling, tiny muscle movements, change in body temperature or experience memories and insights.

• discharge unneeded electrical energy from your nervous system. Staying present with your breath and bodily sensations will help in optimizing the ‘rest, digest, repair and replenish’ function. It is important to note that while a single session can have noticeable effects, it often takes multiple sessions to achieve more lasting results.


what is Biodynamic

so what is Biodynamic craniosacral Therapy?

Some facts about our autonomic nervous system and how it works: Our ANS (autonomic nervous system) works at the subconscious level to maintain vital physiological functions that keep us alive and in optimal health. It prioritizes what is important to deal with immediately and what can wait to be dealt with later.

The priority list is as follows:

1. Vital Physiological Functions:  our heart beating; our lungs breathing; kidneys filtering blood, etc.

2. Adaptation of the nervous system to the environment around or to what the body is subjected to: racing to work would be a problem if our nervous system didn’t pay attention to the increase in metabolic demands placed on it.

3. Emotions: when angry, our nervous system has to accommodate for the increase in heat and metabolic needs that are required to be angry. When depressed, we have to accommodate to the decrease in oxygen because we are not breathing as deeply as we usually do.

4. Past traumas both physical and emotional: last on the list to be dealt with, is everything that happened in the past. States of stress are stored and addressed later during our downtime.
For optimum health, we need to have our nervous system balance itself out. For every stressful experience that incurs activation, there should be an equal amount of restoration for the deactivation and the resuming of normality. Without this, past traumas will continue to be stored long term in the tissue cells of the body. And there is a limit to how much can be stored in the tissues before damage start to manifest as a consequence. Our body is always oriented towards health and does its best to keep functioning at its most optimal state within the parameters and resources available to it and in line with the conditions it is presented with.